Training Summary

Thank you for taking interest in our training course services. We do offer in-house and onsite training on request for a group of minimum 10 people or more. Less could attend, but the cost for 10 people will still need to be covered to be able to provide training on-site and in-house. On site/in house theoretical only training can be done for a smaller group but will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Our training covers

Basics of Solar PV

Expert advice & Support

Practical installations

ECSA Accredited CPD Points

Latest Rules & Regulations

 SAPVIA Endorsed PV Installer Training

The PV GreenCard course is endorsed by the South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA). Completing the PV GreenCard course and passing the PV GreenCard assessment (separate 2-day activity which is not done by us at this stage) serves as a voluntary industry alternative. You will also be listed on the PV GreenCard website ( ) as an endorsed installer once you passed the PV GreenCard assessment.

NOTE: Due to the nature of and the fact that solar PV and storage is a new technology, currently there are limited to no independent solar PV related courses that are accredited in South Africa. Even accredited solar PV qualifications like the Solar Photovoltaic Service Technician (SAQA ID 99447), has neither been implemented nor been assessed yet (August-2019). The transition of accreditation from the SETAs over to QCTO has also delayed this whole process, hence why the PV GreenCard is an available alternative.

Even though PV GreenCard is an industry driven quality assurance initiative and totally voluntary, there are stakeholders like Municipalities that are giving preference or even require solar PV installers or designs to be signed off by PV GreenCard installers, as an alternative to Pr. Eng. Electrical Engineers. See extract from Municipal Solar PV Guideline for customers below

Entry requirements:

It would be to your advantage if you are an electrician or at least have some electrical background, however, no entry level is required to be able to register for and attend the PV GreenCard course. Engineers, Technicians, Installers, Entrepreneurs, Electricians (registered and/or non-registered at the Department of Labour (DoL)) can take part in the PV GreenCard Training course.

Electricians registered at the DoL has the advantage that they will be able to do everything including signing off the Certificate of Compliance (CoC – in accordance with the SANS 10142-1 LV wiring code) and the PV GreenCard form. Non-registered individuals will be able to design and install solar PV systems, but would still require

After completing our training, you will benefit from the following:

• A very good and broad knowledge of solar PV principles, technology and its application (based on a registered SAQA ID 99447 qualification)

• Know how to do online simulations with Sunny Design Web

• Be able to practically design, assemble, install and wire solar PV modules and relevant equipment

• Know how to size solar PV and battery systems (although battery systems are not required or assessed by PV GreenCard)

• Be well prepared and able to attend the PV GreenCard assessment (which is a separate two-day session offered by a third party in Johannesburg. and Cape Town)

• To become a SAPVIA endorsed PV GreenCard installer, you will still need to attend and pass the PV GreenCard assessment (which is a separate two-day activity). 

Payment Terms and training Date

This is first offer sample and can be adapted according to number of attendees and client’s requirements.

The final date for online and the onsite practical training is TBD

No Accommodation and/or transport/logistical costs are included for attendees

We normally accept 100% upfront payment or full payment before delivery, but we will accept 70% upfront payment so that we can at least cover the upfront costs we need to cover. The difference to be paid during the week, so that attendance certificate can be issued.

If the above mentioned is not possible in any way, we will require a Purchase Order, email from Management to guarantee payment and service provider reference confirming that payments has recently been done successfully by the client without any issues in the past. Apologise for any inconvenience, but we must protect ourselves from non-payment risks which has happened to us before.

Your Co-operation in this regard will be highly appreciated.